Saturday, April 20, 2013


Writer/Producer/Director Joseph Kosinski has created a wonderfully cool science fiction epic with Oblivion.

What was really good about Oblivion is the fact it had a slow build during which we could study Production Designer Darren Gilford’s incredible sets and computer graphic images (CGI) and get a feel for what it would be like to be in a world that had been ravaged by war with an alien race.


Thanks to star performances by Tom Cruise and Andrea Riseborough, we also get a clear feel for what the relationship of the last two humans on Earth might be as they get ready to join the rest of the human survivors on one of Saturn’s moons. 


Then, we move from drama to action that has added star performances by Morgan Freeman and Olga Kurylenko, plus ingenious twists and turns without overly doing the “bang-bang” and noise factor that ruin other films of this ilk.


All-in-all, Oblivion was far better than I had expected it to be.  It gets a half-point off for the writers’ violating their logic near the end and a final resolution that I, personally, didn’t care for…although it didn’t seem to bother others in the audience.  Nevertheless, Oblivion still gets a 4 out of 5.

If you go, let me know what you think of the ending.







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