Saturday, August 10, 2013

We're The Millers

If you like to have fun at the movies and enjoyed The Heat, then you will have a great time seeing Director Rawson Marshall Thurber’s We’re The Millers.

Wedding Crasher Writers Bob Fisher and Steve Farber have teamed up with Hot Tub Time Machine Writers Sean Anders and John Morris to create a hilarious story full of belly laughs for men and women alike.

Jason Sudeikis plays David Clark, a small-time drug dealer, who loses his boss’s drugs and money to some teen thieves.  Owing $40,000, his boss, Brad Gurlinger (Ed Helms) sends him to Mexico to pick up and bring back what he describes as a small shipment of marijuana.  Wanting to avoid being checked at the border, Clark hires a stripper (Jennifer Aniston), who lives in his building, to pose as his wife; a teen neighbor (Will Poulter), whose mother has left him, to pose as his son; and a street thief (Emma Roberts) to pose as his daughter.  They are the Millers.


Everything that could go wrong, does…and more. 

The cast is fabulous, as is Kathryn Hahn, who plays the randy mother in a family they meet on the trip.

If you’re looking for respite from the action flicks and self-important dramas coming out, close your eyes and ears to "the little old ladies of either sex" who may put this comedy down.
Go have some great summertime laughs.
I give We’re The Millers a 4+ out of 5.


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