Monday, October 21, 2013

Escape Plan

With Escape Plan, Director Mikael Håfström delivers a B+ “B” movie.

No matter what any sissy wags may tell you, both Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger have aged well.  Here, the “Governator,” especially, gives, arguably, his most relaxed and coherent performance to date. 

The clever script by Writers Miles Chapman and Arnell Jesko sets Ray Breslin (Stallone) as an escape artist hired by the Prison System to try and break out of penitentiaries in order to point out their flaws.  The story points up the inherent danger of privatizing prisons by setting Warden Hobbs (Jim Caviezel) as the creator of a secret maximum security prison where governments, corporations and miscreants of all types can pay to have untried terrorists, competitors or even people they don’t like permanently incarcerated.  Hobbs has read Breslin’s book and, when Breslin is hired to check out security, he finds that he has been set up to remain there forever.


The sets created by Production Designer Barry Chusid are amazing and Brendan Galvin’s cinematography is top notch.

If you like good action and want to see two superstars at their best, you’ll enjoy Escape Plan.  I give it a 3+ out of 5.

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