Friday, July 18, 2014

I Origins

Acting as Writer/Producer/Director/Editor, Mike Cahill has made a fascinating and highly intelligent film entitled I Origins.

It’s the story of a molecular scientist (Michael Pitt), who, along with his assistant (Brit Marling) is trying to determine the origin of the human eye in an effort to disprove the existence of God. 

Through a Halloween encounter with a mysterious woman (Astrid Berg├Ęs Frisbey), his belief system is challenged and he is, eventually, sent on a quest that may destroy it, completely.

This is a metaphysical drama that is extremely absorbing, but is meant only for intelligent viewers, who can appreciate its complexity. 
I would expect no less from a film that stars Brit Marling, who first graced the screen in Cahill’s film Another Earth. If you’re not familiar with Marling’s talent, that is reason enough for seeing I Origins.

But, if you like an interesting story that is well-made, that is all the more reason to see it.

I give I Origins a 4 out of 5.  

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