Sunday, December 6, 2015



Director Jay Roach has outdone himself with the powerful drama Trumbo.  I expected it would be good, but it has outperformed my expectations.
It’s the true-life story of Dalton Trumbo (Bryan Cranston), who, at the time of being the number one screenwriter in Hollywood, was blacklisted through the efforts of right-wing elements of Congress and becomes a model for sticking to one’s principles. 

The story is especially apt at a time when the fearmongers are, again, crawling out of the sewers to frighten the American public.

Writer John McNamara has provided Roach with a tight script and the cast, including Diane Lane as Dalton’s wife, Helen Mirren as columnist Hedda Hopper, Louis C.K. as writer Arlen Hird, Elle Fanning as Dalton's daughter, plus numerous other supporting actors provided by Casting Director David Rubin’s superb work, all turn in wonderful performances and Cranston is a shoe-in for an Oscar nomination as Best Actor.

Trumbo may well make my Must-See list for 2015.   

I give it a 4.7 out of 5.   

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