Monday, October 8, 2012


Passion is Brian De Palma’s delicious homage to himself with this remake of French director Alain Corneau’s 2010 film Love Crime. 

Backed by the exquisite cinematography of José Luis Alcaine, who is noted for filming beautiful women beautifully, and the throbbing musical composition of Pino Donaggio, the composer of De Palma’s films Carrie and Dressed to Kill, Passion pits two ambitious advertising executives, Rachel McAdams’ Christine and Noomi Rapace’s Isabelle against each other with Karoline Herfurth’s Dani thrown in to make for even more fun.

The film is driven by those hatefully dishonest words, “It’s only business.”
De Palma enjoys playing with the audience right up until the end, when we’re left wondering what was a dream and what was real.  He admits he threw in the unscripted final shot at the last moment as a tease.
As long as you don’t take Passion too seriously, you’ll enjoy this retro throwback to Hitchcock and earlier De Palma.

I give it a 3+ out of 5.


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