Saturday, March 23, 2013


If you buy a ticket, thinking Director Paul Weitz’ film Admission is going to be a comedy, you’ll probably be disappointed.  What it is is a sweet romantic dramedy, starring the fabulous Tina Fey.


Tina play Portia Nathan, an admissions officer at Princeton University for 16 years, who’s been in a 10-year relationship with a boring English professor and is now one of two people up for Department Head, when current Head (Wally Shawn) retires.

Portia’s world of routine is interrupted, when the head of an experimental high school, who was in her own college class (Paul Rudd) introduces her to one of his seniors, who, he thinks, may be the son she, secretly, gave up for adoption shortly after their graduation.
I must confess that Tina Fey is my concept of the ideal woman…smart, talented, beautiful and funny…, so it’s hard for me to find fault with her.  But, trust me, there’s no reason to, here.  She gives an admirable, often poignant, performance as a woman befitting my alma mater and, I have to say, Rudd gives a fine turn as a fellow alum, as well.  And, Lily Tomlin gives a fine performance as Portia’s crusty mother.

Kudos to Princeton for allowing this production to utilize its “brand” and campus to show the pluses and minuses of the admission process.

If you like simple, but smart stories, you’ll enjoy Admission.  I give it a 3+ out of 5.






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