Saturday, March 16, 2013

The Call

Director Brad Anderson, working with Writer Richard D’Ovidio’s fine script, has created a taut thriller with The Call.


Halle Barry plays Jordan Turner, a 911 call operator, who makes a mistake at the film’s outset, that ends up costing a young girl her life.


A half-year later, when Abigail Breslin’s character Casey gets kidnapped by the same killer, she is able to call 911 from the trunk of his car.  The, now, more fragile Jordan takes over the case and vows the same fate will not befall this young woman.

The Call is a fast-paced race to rescue thanks to the cinematography of Tom Yatsko and Avi Youabian’s excellent editing.

The only flaw is the fitting, though…I could say…unrealistic..., but, not wanting to put you off on the film, I’ll, instead, say…controversial…ending.
Nonetheless, I give The Call 3+ out of 5.


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