Sunday, June 2, 2013

The East

Writer/Director Zal Batmanglij, along with co-Writer and Star Brit Marling (Another Earth), has created a strong Erin-Brockovich-goes-rogue eco-thriller with The East.

Marling plays Sarah, an employee of a corporate security firm, who goes undercover to infiltrate an eco-terrorist group that perpetrates clever turn-about-is-fair-play revenge gambits on disreputable corporations.   Eventually, she begins to bond with the group and has to come to terms with how far she is willing to bend her principles.
For me, the real mystery is if and how far Brit Marling will go to bend her indie filmmaker principles?  Ms. Marling is one of the most beautiful actresses that has ever been on screen.  She is potentially the American Cate Blanchett or Naomi Watts.  Will she keep the integrity of her co-Star, the fabulous Patricia Clarkson, or the likes of Parker Posey or will she let fame and Hollywood turn her into a celebrity performer like Julia Roberts?  It will be an interesting process to follow.
In any case, with the fine performances of Ellen Page, Alexander SkarsgÄrd and Julia Ormond, along with that of Marling, I give The East a 4 out of 5.

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