Saturday, June 29, 2013

The Heat

The Heat, directed by Paul Feig (The Bridesmaids) and written by Katie Dippold, is a hilarious female buddy movie, starring Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy.

Bullock plays an FBI special agent, who is a 10 at her detecting ability, but a zero at interpersonal skills.  McCarthy plays a Boston detective, who is off the charts for psychotic rage, but a zero at couth.  The two are forced to work together to unmask a Bean Town drug king.


It is a tribute to Bullock’s talent that she plays the straight man to McCarthy’s comic character and, in the process, enhances her own comic ability.  McCarthy shows her chops by being able to move from comic psychotic rage to genuine sweetness within the blink of an eye.

Most comedies are successful if they can deliver 3 to 6 good belly laughs.  The Heat delivers upwards of a dozen.

The film is not for children under 13, but anyone else, who wants to sit back and have a good time, should enjoy this film.

I give The Heat a 4+ out of 5. 

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