Thursday, April 24, 2014

In Your Eyes

Writer/Producer Joss Whedon has teamed with Director Brin Hill to create the delightful supernatural romance In Your Eyes.

The couple involved, Rebecca Porter (ZoĆ« Kazan) and Dylan Kershaw (Michael Stahl-David) has grown up thousands of miles apart, she in New Hampshire and he in New Mexico, but, since childhood, they are occasionally able to see what the other sees and feel the pains the other feels.  Now, they are suddenly able to hear the other’s voice, as well.

It’s a charming conceit to work from and with Whedon’s script, Cinematographer Elisha Christians images and Editor Steven Pilgrim’s cutting, Hill weaves the story, joyously.

Kazan and Stahl-David are both excellent and Nikki Reed adds to the fun as Dylan’s would-be and quite dim girlfriend Donna.
Whedon is a pioneer and has elected to distribute the film via the internet at and Vimeo.   It’s well worth the view. 

I give In Your Eyes a 4 out of 5.

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