Saturday, April 26, 2014

The Other Woman

Although she has second billing, the only scenes in Director Nick Cassavetes’ The Other Woman that deliver on the comic promise of the film’s trailer are those with Leslie Mann in them.  The scenes without her tend to flounder and drag on, despite the delicious eye candy of Cameron Diaz and Kate Upton. 

And, despite the fact we want comeuppance for Nikolaj Coster Waldau’s Mark King, it comes across with too acerbic a tone, as if this were a thriller instead of a comedy.

The problem is twofold; Melissa Stack’s erratic script and the editing pace set by Editors Jim Flynn and Alan Heim.  Producer Julie Yorn, whose films are usually on point, might have been better served by whoever edited the peppy trailer.  

Though uneven, the film will, nevertheless, be enjoyed by women and those who have experienced the betrayal delivered by the Mark Kings of this world will, no doubt,  enjoy the pain he suffers despite the violation of the genre's tone.  And, men might take note of the message that those who betray their wives are also prone to betray those with whom they do business.

I give The Other Woman a 3 out of 5.  Leslie Mann, however, deserves a 4.

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