Monday, September 1, 2014

Love Is Strange

Ira Sachs’ Love Is Strange might better be entitled This Movie Is Strange. 

Two men (John Lithgow and Alfred Molina), who’ve been partners for over 30 years get married.  Very good.

Molina’s character gets fired from a Catholic school where he’s been working for 12 years and where they knew he was gay.  It was those Facebook photos of the honeymoon.  Not good.

The two can’t afford to keep their apartment.  Also, not good.

Each has to move in with relatives instead of going to Poughkeepsie where they could live together. Really?

Then, they don’t seem to see each other very much as they irritate or get irritated by their individual relatives.  What’s that all about?
Then, Molina’s character finds a great rent-controlled apartment in the West Village.  Wonderful!

But, when he moves in, we find out Lithgow’s character has died.   What?!  When?  How?

The movie, then, focuses on Lithgow’s nephew (Charlie Tahan), who may or may not be gay.  Who cares?

He, literally, rides off into a sunset with a hottie on skateboards.  The end.  Thank God!

This was a TV movie that should have been shown on Lifetime or HBO, not in theaters.

The acting is good, but the story is leaden and immensely boring.

I give Love Is Strange a 2+ out of 5.

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