Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Blue Room (La Chambre Bleue)

In The Blue Room (La Chambre Bleue), Writer/Director Mathieu Amalric stars along with Co-Writer Stéphanie Cléau as a man trapped by his own sense of responsibility for the result of his adulterous behavior. 
The film is a noir portrait of guilt told out of linear time sequence in response to the main character’s interrogation by the police for a crime about which we learn the details only gradually.  

The problem with this storytelling device is that, if it is kept up for too long, the audience begins to lose interest, especially if the hero is not particularly likeable.  Unfortunately, that is the case, here.

By the time the facts of the case are out and the only remaining question is, “Did he do it or not?”, we don’t really care.  He was complicit enough and, since he feels it, as well, there is no reason to be upset about his wrongful punishment.

The pace and script are just not sufficiently strong for The Blue Room to merit more than a 2+ out of 5.

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