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Best Films of 2014

Best Films of 2014

As I mentioned in one of my previous blogs, the average film viewer sees only 6 films a year.  And, one of the reasons for my blog is to let film viewers, whether frequent or infrequent, know where to spend their money.  

Note, however, in my estimation, 2014, though not as good as last year for big-budget films, was a very good year for independent films.  Many more than 6 are worth seeing.  Therefore, this year I’m doing a Top 10. 

And, in addition to the list of Absolutely-Must-See Films, I’ve, also, listed several “categories” from which you might pick more films based on your particular taste.  Full reviews of all the films are available in past postings.

So, here are the 10 Absolutely-Must-See Films and 12 Additional Categories in hopes you will be inspired to become more than an average viewer and go to the movies more often.  Note that I have, also, mentioned the Bottom of the Barrel, i.e., the films you should avoid at all cost.  Finally, I have included my award picks for best actors and key crew.   (Note duplications exist in some Additional Categories with Must-Sees, as well as "ties" in some film and actor/crew categories where I just couldn’t narrow the choice to one.) 

If you can’t find these films in theaters, go to Netflix or buy/rent the DVDs.  Those listed are all worth your while. 

The 10 Absolutely-Must-See Films of 2014
(in order)

Amazing…The very best of the year

Begin Again
 Pure charm…My personal favorite film
with best song, as well

Words and Pictures
 The most intelligent film

The Grand Budapest Hotel
A wonderful comic romp

The Hundred-Foot Journey
Sweetest Story!

The Theory of Everything
Touching and Noble

The Imitation Game



The Guardians of the Galaxy
Big, bold, all-family fun

Select Categories

Most Poignant Film (a tie)
The Theory of Everything

Most Charming Film
 The Fault in Our Stars

Most Interesting Film Story (a tie)
In Your Eyes

 Most Thought-Provoking Film
 I Origins

Most Courageous Film Production - a (tie)

Best Foreign Film (a tie)
Venus in Fur
Best Acting Ensemble
Begin Again

 Best Action Film (a tie)
X-Men: Days of Future Past
Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Best Animated Film
The LEGO Movie

Best Comedy
Top Five

Best Documentary (a tie)

 Most Underrated Film – (a tie)
Winter’s Tale
Venus in Fur

The Bottom of  the Heap

Most Overrated Film  
Love Is Strange
Strictly Lifetime/LMN TV fare

 Worst Film – (tie)
As Above, So Below

Third Person
A supreme waste of talent

Here Are My Award Picks for Actors & Crew

Best Actor – (a tie)
 Michael Keaton – Birdman
Eddie Redmayne – The Theory of Everything

Best Actress – (a tie)
 Jessica Chastain – The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby
Felicity Jones – The Theory of Everything

Best Supporting Actor– (a tie)
 James Corden – Begin Again
Mark Ruffalo - Foxcatcher

Best Supporting Actress – (a tie)
Naomi Watts – St. Vincent
Emma Stone - Birdman

Best Breakout Performances - Boy/Girl
Boy: Jaeden Lieberher – St. Vincent
Girl: Giulia Salerno – Misunderstood (Incompresa)  

Best Director
Alejandro González Iñárritu – Birdman

Best Adapted Screenplay  
Anthony McCarten – The Theory of Everything

Best Original Screenplay
 Alejandro González Iñárritu - Birdman

Best Cinematography
Emmanuel Lubezki – Birdman

 Best Editing
Joel Cox/Gary Roach - American Sniper

Best Casting Director (a tie)
Douglas Aibel/Antionette Boulat/Simone Bär/Jina Jay - 
The Grand Budapest Hotel
Laray Mayfield - Gone Girl

Best Production Design
Dylan Cole/Gary Freeman - Maleficent

Best Costume Design
Anushia Nieradzik– Belle

Best Soundtrack
Antonio Sanchez – Birdman

Let’s hope for more great viewing in 2015.

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