Monday, January 19, 2015


The first 5-out-of-5 film of the year, is Paddington, Writer/Director Paul King’s mix of real-life and animation.

Together with Co-Writers Hamish McColl and Michael Bond, King has created a truly delightful fairy tale that has appeal to every age level.

Paddington (Ben Whishaw’s voice) is a young bear of rare breed from “Darkest Peru” where he lived with his Uncle Pastuzo (Michael Gambon’s voice) and Aunt Lucy (Imelda Staunton’s voice) until an earthquake destroyed their home and Uncle Pastuzo.
While Aunt Lucy retires to the Old Animal’s home, Paddington is sent to England where an Explorer (Tim Downie), who discovered and lived with the talking bears over a quarter century ago, had promised a home for them if they ever came to the U.K.
Having stowed away on a cruise ship, Paddington is found by a family consisting of a reluctant Father (Hugh Bonneville), an inviting Mother (Sally Hawkins), the shy Daughter (Madeleine Harris), an enterprising Son (Samuel Joslin) and accepting Aunt (Julie Walters).  While the Father only agrees to have him stay for one night, Paddington wins over the hearts of the rest of the family despite the mayhem he causes.
Paddington’s unfamiliarity with human society provides scenes of hilarity and charm.  Drama is added with the Explorer’s Daughter (Nicole Kidman), who works at the Museum and is driven to redeem her dead father’s reputation…expelled from the Geographic Society because he wouldn’t divulge the location of the rare bears…by capturing and stuffing Paddington.  

If you want to have some real film fun and leave the theater with an uplifted heart, take your children, your parents, your friends or go by yourself to enjoy Paddington.

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