Sunday, July 5, 2015


Director Asif Kapadia’s heart-rending documentary Amy on the life of the amazing singer-songwriter Amy Winehouse should be compulsory viewing for anyone, female or male, who is on the road for stardom in the performing arts.
Using archival footage, Kapadia and Editor Chris King have created a wonderful biography of Amy Winehouse that is replete with performances of her fabulous work.
Headstrong and feisty, adolescent Amy chides her mother for not reining her in enough.  Her only anchor was her grandmother. Once she died, Amy was surrounded by those who were only using her, including her husband, who got her on crack and, then, heroin.

The only worthy father-figure in her life was Tony Bennett, with whom she sang a duet on his album with contemporary singers.  He knew how great she really was.

Be prepared to cry.  It’s a sad story, but one from which anyone can learn.

I give Amy a 4+ out of 5.

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