Sunday, August 23, 2015

American Ultra

Possibly the worst thing one can say about a film is that it is Lone Ranger-bad.  Such must be said about “Director” Naim Nourizadeh’s American Ultra.

It goes from incredibly boring to stupid to just plain bad. Even the few “good” scenes are bad because they’re imbedded in “Writer” Max Landis' ridiculous script.

It’s a shame, when one has such good talent as Jesse Eisenberg, Kristen Stewart, Connie Britton and John Leguizamo, to give them such dreck to work with.
 Casting Director Jeanne McCarthy has picked “heavies” that are laughable.  Or was that the fault of Cinematographer Michael Bonvillain and the Make-Up Department for making them look so silly?   And, you can’t believe what they do to make the lovely Connie Britton look bad!

The only thing you might enjoy are some of the remarks from the audience about wanting the “bad guys” to kill the main characters and get this farce over with. 

The entire production is ultra crap.  And the only thing to note is that this is, so far, the worst film of 2015.

I give it a .5 out of 5.

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