Saturday, January 14, 2017

Nocturnal Animals

When I was watching Writer/Producer/Director Tom Ford’s horrible Nocturnal Animals, I could not help feeling sorry for Amy Adams, hoping she had, somehow, been coerced into acting in this piece of cinematic garbage instead of volunteering to participate.  Why Amy?  You’ve done nothing that deserves such penance!

The film…no, soapopera…has the most ghastly opening ever with a 400-500lb. naked woman, tossing her flabs of skin around as she cavorts on a stage.  I couldn’t read the credits as I had to turn away from the screen.

The travesty went down from there with a tasteless story of revenge that, ultimately, became laughable as a result of both story and acting.
There should be a warning for any viewer contemplating suicide.  This piece of junk might just push them over the edge.

If there is anyone who likes this crap, who isn’t already in therapy, I would be happy to point them in the direction of a reputable psychiatrist.

Only for Cinematographer Seamus McGarvey's occasional interesting images do I give Nocturnal Animals a 1 out of 5.  I hope all involved have been properly disinfected.

If I had seen it before my blog on The Best Films of 2016, it would have tied for Worst Movie of the Year.  

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