Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hyde Park on Hudson

Neither the writing, the direction nor the acting gives us the depth of feeling or understanding of President Roosevelt that we get of President Lincoln in Spielberg’s Lincoln, but Roger Mitchell’s Hyde Park on Hudson is a delightful  film, nonetheless.

Initially thinking this was going to be Bill Murray’s film, I was surprised to discover it’s really Laura Linney’s film.  She, admirably, plays F.D.R.’s distant cousin Daisy Suckley, who becomes one of his lovers and the film would be lost without her.  Well, not entirely.


Samuel West is, also, excellent as King George VI, no mean feat, following Colin Firth’s Oscar-winning performance in The King’s Speech.  And, Olivia Coleman is, also, fun as his wife Elizabeth.

The principal event depicted, the King’s visit to America to gain support for the War looming in Europe, provides a grounding to an otherwise rushed story.  One of the most interesting aspects was seeing how slowly people, apparently, moved during that period.  A nice touch.

If you like period pieces, you’ll find Hyde Park on Hudson an enjoyable experience.  I give it a 3+ out of 5.

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