Monday, December 26, 2016

Live By Night

Ben Affleck has served as Writer/Producer/Director/Actor on the Prohibition thriller Live By Night and I’m happy to report that he has done an admirable job in all areas.  
The film presents itself as a true story of the bad seed son (Affleck) of a Boston Law Official,(Brendon Gleeson) who goes from robberies that land him in jail to the lieutenant of the City’s mafia chief (Remo Girone) for whom he heads up rum-running operations in Florida.
There are love affairs with the girlfriend (Sienna Miller) of Boston’s Irish crime lord (Robert Glenister) and the sister (Zoe Saldana) of the Florida rum supplier (Miguel). There is a sanctimonious Florida Law Official (Chris Cooper) and his reformed addict now religious nut daughter (Elle Fanning).   

And, there is action galore.

Production Designer Jess Gonchor’s sets and old cars are wonderful and Cinematographer Robert Richardson’s images are crisp.

If you like period thrillers, you’ll enjoy Live By Night.  I give it a 4 out of 5.

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