Friday, March 26, 2021

Making The Day



Co-Writer/Producer/Director Michael Canzoniero’s comedy Making The Day is a dazzling romp on the harrowing process of raising money for the production of an independent movie.

Steven Randazzo plays Nick, a character actor from the ‘80s/’90s, who has written a script celebrating his deceased wife.

Dwayne Hill plays a hulking mobster, who loans Nick $300K in cash to make the film, with the proviso he will get the money back in 90 days with a “clean check.”

Juliette Bennett plays an aspiring actress determined to land the film’s leading role by any means necessary.

With the looks and dynamism of a combination Meg Ryan and Reese Witherspoon, Ms. Bennett sparks the film and is an example of why producers attempt making indie films; because it’s possible to vie with Hollywood by creating a gem like Making The Day.

I give it a 4 out of 5.

Look for it in one of the online venues, if not in theaters.


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