Saturday, December 29, 2018

Best Films of 2018

Best Films of 2018

Since the average film viewer sees only 6 films a year, the main reason for FilmsToSeeOrNot is to let film viewers, whether frequent or infrequent, know where to spend their money. 

In my opinion, the number of films worth seeing in 2018 was even less than in 2017 and that year there were even less than the previous year.  What’s going on?

This year, I have only a have dozen Must-See films and another dozen I just liked a lot. And, they represent a variety of genres, so I think you will like some of them, too.

So, here are the 6 Must-See Films and 12 Enjoyables, in hopes you will be inspired to become more than an average viewer and go to the movies more often.  

Note that I have, also, mentioned a few major disappointments, as well. 

Finally, I have included my picks for best actors and some key production personnel.
Note: There are "ties" in some actor/production categories where I just couldn't narrow the choice to one.)  

If you can't find these films in theaters, go to Netflix or buy/rent the DVDs.  Those listed are all worth your while.

The 6 Must-See Films of 2018
(in order)
A Star Is Born
The Year’s Best 

Green Book
 Best Drama

Mission Impossible - Fallout 
 Best Action Picture

Paddington 2
Perfect Family Fun

The Tale
 Independent Film Greatness

Fahrenheit 11/9
Significant Documentary

My Enjoyable 12

True Story Fun

 Best Filmmaking

A Simple Favor
 Most Unique Twists

If Beale Street Could Talk
Profound Love

Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again
 Wonderful Musical Romance

  Noble Adventure

Epic Adventure

Peter Rabbit

Wonderful Live Action/Animated Fun

Black Panther
 Thrilling Adventure

Isle of Dogs

Most Unique Animation

Crazy Rich Asians
 Best Glitz & Glamour

Leave No Trace
 Poignant Drama

The Bottom of the Heap

Most Overrated Film  
The Favourite
 Directorial Self-Indulgence.

Most Disappointing
First Man
  Makes an Exciting Event a Bore

Worst Film (a tie)
Cinematic Garbage

Here Are My Picks for Best Actors & Production

Best Actor (a tie) 
Bradley Cooper – A Star Is Born
Viggo Mortensen – Green Book

Best Actress
 Lady Gaga – A Star Is Born

 Best Supporting Actor  
Mahershala Ali  – Green Book 

 Best Supporting Actress (a 3-way tie)
Thomasin McKenzie – Leave No Trace
Letitia Wright – Black Panther
Elizabeth Debicki – The Tale

Best Director (a tie)
Bradley Cooper – A Star Is Born
Alfonso Cuarón – Roma

Best Screenplay (a 3-way tie)  
Nick Vallelonga/Brian Hayes Currie/Peter Farrelly – Green Book
Jennifer Fox – The Tale
Jessica Sharzer – A Simple Favor

 Best Cinematography (a tie)
 Matthew Libatique – A Star Is Born
Alfonso Cuarón – Roma

 Best Editing
Jay Cassidy – A Star Is Born
Best Production Design (a tie)

Bill Brzeski – Aquaman
Nelson Coates – Crazy Rich Asians

Let’s hope for even greater viewing in 2019!

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