Sunday, September 5, 2021

The Green Knight



Have you ever gotten so far down that you thought life could not get any worse?

Then, you haven’t seen Writer/Producer/Director David Lowery’s The Green Knight. Just when you thought it couldn’t get more terrible…it did!  It’s a “film” that could be shown to plague victims to help them feel their plight wasn’t the most horrible.

The definition of cinematic masturbation only needs the words “Green Knight.”

True, nothing could be all bad.  (Though this “film” could be an argument against that.)  There was some beautiful scenery and a very cute fox was in part of it, until it went psycho. (Animals have an acute sense of smell.)

Dev Patel used to be a good actor.  Did this film suck the life out of his ability?

And, what of Alicia Vikander?  Was her family held hostage to get her to participate in this travesty?  (Alicia, I think the family would have understood that you had to maintain your dignity.)

 Do you get the idea that I thought this “film” was crawlingly bad?  Bravo!


I had thought I might give it a Zero rating, but there was the fox.  So, I’ll just give it a .5 out of 5.

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