Monday, September 24, 2012


Dredd is not dreadful, if you’re under 20.  It’s not even dreadful, if you’re an action film fan and are over 20.  It’s just that it’s not…  Not anything new. You’ll enjoy the similarly plotted Die Hard a lot more.  The only thing that can be claimed as new is the fact it’s in 3D. But, honestly, the 3D in the Radio City Christmas Spectacular is even more thrilling.


On the plus side is the presence of Olivia Thirlby, who, I hope, will be given better fare for her talent and Lena Headey makes a good villain.  As for Karl Urban, who is hidden under a helmet throughout the film, they might as well have used a robot or CGI for the character.
 The technical aspects are worthy, but this is just a same-old-same-old blood-fest that actually had me nodding off at points.

Dredd gets a 2+ out of 5.

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