Thursday, September 13, 2012

2 Days in New York

 Julie Delpy prides herself on being provocative; even annoying, because she thinks life is annoying.  Her first film, 2 Days in Paris, was, indeed, annoying due mostly to the unfortunate choice of her male lead.  But, she has redeemed herself with the totally enjoyable and charmingly provocative 2 Days in New York.
Backed by the wonderfully funny Chris Rock and a great ensemble cast, including her jovial real-life father, Julie allows herself to descend into banshee angst only because….  Well, I’ll let you discover why for yourself.
And, do try and discover it.  It’s a shame that this funfest does not have a marketing and advertising campaign that would get it into more theaters while the swing and a miss film Hit and Run does.  I guess that would give anyone angst.  But, hopefully, this fine work will earn Julie the future support she deserves.

The story takes place over the two days Julie’s father and sister come to New York to attend the opening of her photography exhibit. 

Bringing along her sister’s nutty boyfriend, who happens to be Julie’s ex, the Parisians move in with Julie and Chris, who have been living together with her son by a previous marriage. 

Chaos erupts with Julie claiming she has a brain tumor, her ex being deported and Chris having private conversations with a cardboard poster of Obama. Bizarre, yet often brilliant.

If you can’t find 2 Days in New York in a theater, it’s already out for streaming.

 I give 2 Days in New York a 4 out of 5 for fun and pure enjoyment.


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