Sunday, September 30, 2012

Hotel Transylvania

The conceit of Hotel Transylvania is the irony that Dracula thinks human’s suck.  That’s because crazed villagers killed his wife over 100 years ago.

 So, he has created an oasis in the Transylvanian Alps where creatures of the night can get away with their families without the fear of humans ruining their vacations.  It’s also where he has isolated his young…about to turn 118... daughter Mavis, so he doesn’t lose her to human cruelty.

Cute.  Right? 

Well, Dracula is initially proven right that humans suck, when a hipster named Jonny finds his way into the Hotel.  Unfortunately for the audience, that’s when the movie takes a nosedive and does suck for a while, since Jonny, voiced by Andy Samberg, is ultra-annoying and ultra-obnoxious.  But despite Samberg, who proves to be the only casting error, Mavis falls for Jonny and he, ultimately, endears himself to Dracula and the rest of the monsters, as well. 


Families with children, who haven’t seen the formulaic plot (with dance number at the end) before, will have a good time, except for the above-noted sequence.  Adults, like myself, who just love animated films…, not so much.

The big miss, which most viewers will probably miss, is that the story sets up the possibility Dracula’s wife’s could return, since her spirit is reputed to haunt another castle.  If the writers would have followed up on that, it would have made for a very happy ending for all.  But, they didn’t deliver.

 Nevertheless, I’m giving it a 3 out of 5 for the bright animation and message of allowing kids to do their own thing.

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